1. Matthieu Ricard

    I mentioned Matthieu in my last post, but if you want to know more about this remarkable person, I would recommend you to visit his personal website


    He is a Buddhist monk, photographer, and author. He has lived and worked in the Himalayan region for forty years. After completing his doctoral thesis in 1972, Ricard decided to forsake his scientific career and concentrate on the practice of Tibetan Buddhism. His photographs of the spiritual masters, the landscape, and the people of the Himalayas have appeared in numerous books and magazines.

    For the last few years, Dr. Ricard has dedicated his effort and the royalties of his books to various charitable projects in Asia, that include building and maintaining clinics, schools and orphanages in the region.


  2. Everyday compassion at Google

    I wrote an article about education of effective managers in Google. Main source of information was a speech given by Chade-Meng Tan at one of the TED conference talks. For those of you who don’t know, Meng’s current job description in Google is "Enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace".

    Google office

    As Meng gave me inspiration for my article, so he was inspired by Matthieu Ricard, who is a gifted French scientist turned Buddhist monk in Nepal. Matthieu is known as happiest man in the world - it is scientifically confirmed that the man is the happiest when he meditates on compassion.

    If you are interested in the connection between meditation, compassion and successful managers at Google, you can watch Meng’s talk here.