1. Best Startup Sectors for New Business Ideas

    I read a very interesting article about entrepreneurship, which has been one of the precious few bright spots in a terribly gloomy economy, and this new generation of entrepreneurs, both intentional and accidental, has taken it upon themselves to keep things going along.

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    What did they do? They recognized ten sectors that are trending up

    • decision
    • collaborative commerce
    • customization
    • true mobility
    • creativity
    • urban farming
    • gamification
    • design
    • extreme fitness
    • jobs

    that will probably get bigger this year. Each trend is explained, and you can also read which three businesses or startups are leading the way in specific sector. Whole article can be found here.


  2. China rises

    I wrote an article about China’s economy and biggest corporations. Covering last year and future plans, facts about China’s middle class and case studies, with sources in BBC, The Economist and Financial Post, I think it’s my best article so far. 

    We could all see China’s economic growth last decades, but the great things from east are yet to come. If you would like to know more about it, feel free to read my article

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  3. "

    The ego exists between the mind and the body. It is a false creation. The self exists not between body and mind, but beyond mind. And to reach to the self you have to learn the ways how the mind can be silenced, so its constant chattering is not there. Because the real self is absolute silence.

    - Osho (11 December, 1931 – 19 January, 1990)


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